Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Delete: a fresh start

Breathing a sigh of relief, having deleted over a hundred posts... if you came here expecting to be confused by the recycled nonsense piped through the bright lights I'm sure you can find it all elsewhere. Having come up against the repeat-loop crash of the unsustainable world view I have by my conduct here been condoning I can say you'd be better off without. Reality doesn't fit too well on a 2 dimensional screen.

I'm currently staying with my father and his wife in Brittanny, confronting some Home Truths and helping in a small way with the building of the future. Seeing the enormity of the work that's been done in the last year here reflected against the delusional distractions and frenetic head-trips I have been engaged in over the same time; I have to admit no small sense of shame. I am twenty eight, and the nearest I have come to work so far is pushing buttons making little coherent sense on this here computer. The man I am staying with here has moved over a hundred tons of soil and stone in the last year alone. It's beautiful, its practical, it's pretty self explainatory... and the concepts it explains are profound and life supporting. The screen doesn't do it justice really but you can at least get some idea from the photos on Iznibz' blog www.dancingwithahoe.blogspot.com

I'm having to take a hard look at myself; the world I have been subscribing to is, when the implications are seen in truth, devastatingly unsustainable. I have been going through crashes and all kinds of peculiar states, because, fundementally, I have been living a lie. It's a long story. I'll make a start... not least in the hope that it will undo some of the damage already done, or at least give fair warning to others going in the direction I've been sliding. Psychological games, viral time-wasters transmitted worldwide, distractions all. Pull the plug. Escape the room. If we rely on computers for the answers we are extinct.