Sunday, February 28, 2010

Iznibz 4 Haiti

HAITI, the first Republic founded by Free slaves, now down to 2% of it's indigenous trees and totally ravaged by Earthquake. This news doesn't seem to have really hit home with the people living on the tail-end of Empire in London. The last thing Haiti needs now is the insidious tendrils of Slavery re-establishing itself there in it's time of need. For help from outside to be equitable, it needs integrated people to be part of a community rather than imposing inhumane alien values; people to communicate and inspire, and take resources to the place direct without profiteering on disaster. Who understand poverty because they live without spending money, without the compromise that the abuse of money affords, whose intellegence has not been corrupted by the unnatural imbalances that are inbuilt into the commercial system.
Meet "Iznibz Wazir", a gardener, designer, communicator, philosopher, flute-player, craftsman, sanyasin. He's going to Haiti in April, with his hoe, seeds, and 2 crails of tools, to build a garden, plant trees and help build a permenant cultural community centre. You can read about Mr. Iznibz, otherwise known as Reinold, on his blog,
I will endeavor to keep you posted on his progress from this end too.

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